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... another day closer to eternity

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hurt me....

Salad Fingers 2 ~ It's not right

Draw ~ A very nice site, mouse control essesntial.

Slap Dubya ~ Add to John Kerry's favorites list.

Slap da butt ~ That's more like it. Sweet spanking action


Ok, David Beckham. The fuss is that he deliberately fouled someone to get a yellow card to serve his two card suspension, knowing that he was going to miss the next game anyway with a rib injury sustained seconds before the yellow card incident. So what?.... The rules do not say this can't be done. A yellow card is issued if you foul someone and most yellow cards are delibrate fouls anyway. A trip, a pull back, a push. If Beckham wants to wipe the yellow card slate clean for the next time he plays and he is 'smart' enough to get booked before he is pulled off (oo-er missus) then I say, 'good on ya'.

Ironically, Beckham boasts how smart he was but by doing this he has shown his ignorance and played into his critics hands. They call for retrospective punishment. 'Take away his captaincy' some have wailed. No-one punished Maradona after his 'hand of God' admission. What rule has Beckham broken? He was booked for the foul.
If he had taken his shirt off he would have also been yellow carded (absurd). Would everyone be up in arms then? FIFA only have themselves to blame. Their naive approach to the game by introducing daft rules, like having to leave the pitch after being treated, shows they have no idea how to organise the greatest game on earth. Surely a better rule to stop time wasting would be, not to punish injured players, but have immediate substitutions without stopping the game. The amount of times a substitution is deliberatly used to slow down a game is laughable and frustrating.

Keep the game going while the player has to be replaced, you would soon see them run off the pitch then. All this just shows that every player or manager will bend the rules to suit them... as for what Beckham did... I repeat, ....So What?


Blogger DMouse007 said...

Take your anger out on Dubya.

14/10/04 9:05 pm


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